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Zimbabwe Republic Police Launches “Operation No To Touts” to Combat Harassment of Travelers  

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Harare, Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwe Republic Police has launched a nationwide operation, “No To Touts,” aimed at eradicating touting activities that have been harassing and threatening travelers. The operation, which began on June 20, 2024, has resulted in the arrest of 410 touts, who have been taken to court to face charges.


According to a statement released by the press and public relations department of the law enforcement agency, the police have engaged the Judicial Service Commission to ensure that all suspects appear in court in batches, and no deposit fines will be accepted at police stations. Public service vehicle operators and their crew have been warned against employing touts, and those found to be doing so will face legal consequences.


The operation also targets pirate taxis, or “mushikashika” vehicles, that use touts to illegally pick up and drop off passengers at undesignated points. The police urge the public to report any touting activities to their nearest police station or the National Complaints Desk at (0242) 703631 or WhatsApp 0712 800 197.


This operation aims to ensure the safety and security of travelers and to maintain order in the transportation sector. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is committed to enforcing the law and protecting the public from harassment and threats.


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