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‘Zim crisis in need of Divine Intervention’- Parly

Sheillah Chikomo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

By Staff Reporter

Due to the effects of climate change, Zimbabwe, like many African countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, is facing critical challenges such as food and water scarcity, desertification, extreme hot weather, cyclones, droughts, and environment degradation.
Speaking during a Parliamentary session, parliamentarians said the country needs to develop effective solutions to address these national issues by consulting with the Creator and the Ancestors.
Member of Parliament Honourable Sheillah Chikomo, representing Mwenezi East Constituency, told Parliament that the government should devise ways to convey messages to the Creator so that the country does not continue to suffer from the challenges that have bedevilled the nation.
“Traditionally, in the past, there were ways of conveying messages to the Creator. For example, during droughts, beer would be brewed by elderly women and men. When there were problems with animals attacking the community, people would go to sacred places and communicate with the ancestors. As a country or government, what is our generation doing to resolve our conflicts through God, our Creator, so that we do not continue to suffer?” queried Honourable Chikomo.
Legislator Chikomo added, “We have a drought in Zimbabwe this year. What actions have we taken in terms of prayer so that we will not face another drought? We have disease outbreaks and a weak currency. What is the government doing to seek God’s intervention?”
The World commemorated World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on the 17th of June, and Parliament urged the government to implement environmental conservation policies for sustainable livelihoods for the future generation.



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