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Zanu PF youths burn conservancy in Mwenezi

Citizen Reporter

Harare, 19 July 2017

MWENEZI : A group of suspected Zanu PF youths who are said to be linked to other 13 party youths who were recently arrested in connection with destroying property at Mujingwe Conservancy, went on the rampage yesterday; burning houses, lodges and cars at the conservancy.

Though no immediate comment could be obtained from the police, sources confirmed the incident and said the situation is currently tense at the conservancy with the youth vowing to fight it until the bitter end.

Armed riot police officers were deployed at the scene to try to avoid a repeat of the arson attacks.

“The incident happened after police destroyed a base which was recently set-up in the conservancy by the youths. The police destroyed the base demanding that the youths should vacate. The youths had earlier on given the conservancy owner an ultimatum of 48 hours to vacate the property.

“In revenge, the youths confronted the police officers and gun shots were heard after the police were caught by surprise. The youth managed to overpower the panicked police officers and captured one of them whom they severely assaulted,” said a source.

Other sources said after the officers were forced out of the conservancy, the youths went on the rampage; burning three houses, lodges and four cars belonging to the conservancy.

Mujingwe Conservancy is said to be co-owned by ZimParks and a certain Mazibuko who took it over following the expulsion of the former white owner.

The youths are said to be angry that the conservancy has not been given to them as promised by some top party leaders in the province.


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