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‘Zanu PF cannot be trusted, dialogue off the table’ – Sikhala

By Staff Reporter,

Leader of the National Democratic Working Group (NDWG), Job Sikhala has vowed never to side with the ruling party Zanu PF in their quest for a democratic Zimbabwe.

Speaking online during a press conference in Harare, Sikhala, who is currently out of the country for medical check-ups after spending 595 days in incarceration, says the ruling party is the cause of Zimbabwe’s permanent and perennial political, economic and democratic problems. While he is joining forces with other democratic leaders for a progressive Zimbabwe, being in dialogue with the ruling party is not an option.

“When dealing with Zanu PF, you must understand that you are dealing with the most treacherous and deceitful political outfit. Its deception has been seen for many years in our country and it has destroyed many political organisations and leaders. The moment Zanu PF invites you for dinner, know that you are being invited to be poisoned,” Sikhala said.

The press conference was convened to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Democratic Working Group (NDWG) and Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) President Jacob Ngarivhume.

Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) President Jacob Ngarivhume (middle) addressing questions from journalists during the joint press conference at the Media Centre.

The leaders said they are in agreement to form a coalition of democrats that can collaborate for a progressive Zimbabwe and come up with solutions on how best to liberate the citizens of Zimbabwe from the strong vice of the ruling party Zanu PF, that has been identified as the arch-rival of the citizens, capturing the security service and closed democratic spaces.

TZ President Ngarivhume says that within the agreement with NDWG, they have resolved to work with the people of Zimbabwe for the greater good as they seek freedom from the tight grip of the ruling party.

“We are to provide leadership to the people of Zimbabwe, but it is up to the people of Zimbabwe to speak and decide how. We have identified Zanu PF as the primary enemy and source of our problems. It is common knowledge that Zanu PF is responsible for most of the problems we are in today because they have been in power since 1980. We have paid the price for a ruthless regime and we will be guided by the people. Let us all, as democratic forces come together to fight our common enemy,” Ngarivhume said.

Sikhala says while they are working towards total inclusion with various democratic forces, they are not open to be in a coalition with the ruling party due to its tainted human rights violation record, election rigging and prosecution of government critics.

“Zanu PF always advances their own tyrannical and selfish interests. Many have been absorbed, for instance, ZAPU and during the period of the GNU they deceived our colleagues. Dealing with Zanu PF is dealing with the most treacherous and deceptive political animal that you could come across.

“So, the issue of dialogue is not on the table for some of us. We are not interested to be contaminated by the evil of Zanu PF and all the evil associated with everything that has been happening in our country. For those people who have said that they would want to engage with Zanu PF, I wish them the best of luck because Zanu PF is a deceptive outfit which you must treat with caution,” Sikhala said.


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