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Women in a polygamous marriage fight over conjugal rights

Success Majaramhepo:

The long held adage that “hell hath no fury like a scorned woman” was reinforced on Sunday in Epworth, Harare, when two co-wives married to a Johanne Marange Apostolic  sect member, John Zari, fought accusing each other of not abiding by the unwritten conjugal rights time-table the family has.

The incident left tongues wagging in the sprawling settlement as the family’s neighbours could not contain their curiosity to know the nitty-gritties of what caused the public spectacle.

Zari confirmed to ZimSentinel that his wives were fighting over sex since he has a tight schedule that frequently leaves him visiting the boudoir of his second wife who he says is gentle.

‘‘The time-table which was set by my first wife was very tight for me. I ended up favouring my second wife because she is gentle and never complains about all this. Having two wives in hard times like these means I have to be financially strong,’’ he said

Zari added that the issue of sex was a source of confrontation in many polygamous marriages.

‘‘It is something that happens inhouse and we have try to manage it without it degenerating into a big problem that neighbours will have to know about’’ he added.

According to Zari, his first wife who already has three children threatened to burn down their house he if continues gratifying the second wife.

Zari’s first wife said her husband should rent another apartment because she cannot live with another woman under the same roof.

‘‘John has to rent another apartment because I cannot live with another woman under the same roof. If he refuses to do that, he will not have sex with that idiot in my house, ’’ she said

Tatenda Takawadini, a church mate, who has four wives encouraged Zari to treat his wives equally.

‘‘If you have to marry more than one wife and still have some peace then you should be ready not to cheat as far as sex is concerned. When women in polygamous marriage are jealous of one another, then you have to be abide by their rules about sex,’’ Takawadini said.


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