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By Moregiven Sithole


We will not fold our hands and allow  ZANU PF to rig next year’s general elections like they did in 2008, youths  for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC -T) led by Morgan Tsvangirai have said.

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MDCT Youth leader: Happymore Chidziva

Addressing journalists at the party’s headquarters in Harare, MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva said they will stop at nothing to stop ZANU PF from rigging elections, adding that “after 2018 the ruling party will be history.”

“We are not going to allow Zanu PF to rig the 2018 elections as we are going to protect our votes and defend them vigorously. After 2018, Zanu PF must be history. It’s time for us youths and all Zimbabweans to define our own future by registering to vote,” said Chidziva.

He said the party will defend its members from the ruling party’s violence.

“In our meeting today, the Youth Assembly agreed that it is high time that we defended our future. We cannot allow Zanu PF to do whatever it wants with us and in 2018 we are absolutely going to defend the people from Zanu PF’s terror campaign.

“What (President Robert) Mugabe and his party did in by-elections  and the resurgence of the Zanu PF terror groups does not scare us, and we are warning them that this time around they must not press this violence button again. Enough is enough,” said the outspoken youth leader who is known in the political circle as Cde Bvondo.

He said Zimbabwe has reached a defining moment and called upon citizens to democratically and fearlessly fight for the establishment of an egalitarian society in which the rights of all citizens are upheld and respected.

Chidziva took a swipe at Mugabe’s sons accusing them of leading a luxury and extravagant life abroad using taxpayers’ money.

“We note with concern that while the youths in the country are wallowing in poverty Mugabe’s two sons Robert Junior and Chatunga are splashing millions of our money in South Africa and living large at the expense of the sweat of our parents. Given their abuse of money and drugs, we now know who stole the huge chunk of the missing $15 billion,” he said.

He said Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Chairperson Rita Makarau should step down, accusing her of being used by the ruling party to rig elections.

The MDC T youth wing recently staged a successful demonstration in Bulawayo against ZEC, demanding electoral reforms before 2018 elections.


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