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Villagers worry over police conduct in Wedza

By Svinurai Nyathi, Wedza

Despite increased crimes in Wedza district, villagers are concerned about the police conduct in attending crime scenes.

Villagers say the crime rates in the district have escalated due to social-economic challenges such as poverty and employment issues in the communities. The police are reported to be unresponsive to crimes reported by villages, especially in peripheral areas of the district characterised by poor road networks and long distances from the main police station in Wedza.

ZRP Mukamba Police Post.

Farai Chishaka, Ward 6, Wedza district villager, suspects that the police are working in cohorts with the criminals, hence their lack of response when the crimes are reported.

“I think they (police) are working together with the thieves; that is why they delay in coming to attend crime scenes or they do not come at all,” Chisaka says.

Some villagers, however, believe that the police have limited resources to attend to all the reported crimes in a timely manner.

“It is not a secret that the government does not have adequate resources due to the sanctions imposed by American and its Western allies. Hence, it is a genuine concern that they have serious challenges in attending crime scenes,” Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee Member, Christopher Chitingi said.

However, some villagers assume that the government is misplacing its priorities by giving Chiefs vehicles instead of providing patrol vehicles to the police.

Human Rights Activist in Wedza district, Samuel Safari, says the distribution of vehicles to chiefs by the government was a misplaced priority that was done at the expense of police vehicles, which could have benefitted the community in curbing crimes.

Elizabeth Gonda, a villager in Wedza District says, “The police must set up police posts in peripheral areas, including Zviyambe and St. Joseph Munzverengwi, which are far from Wedza Police Station at the Growth Point. The police should work with community and set up Neighbourhood Watch Committees.”


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