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US colleges interface prospective Zimbabwe students

Nyasha N Mukapiko


Education USA last week Friday held a college fair in Harare meant to showcase colleges and universities in the United States of America to local Zimbabweans seeking to enroll for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The fair attracted many secondary students from different colleges who came to have an insight of some of requirements by the some of the best tertiary universities in America.

Among the universities that partnered with the US institutions were Arizona State, Duke, Michigan State, Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, John Hopkins and Wellesley College.

One of the students from St George’s College in Harare, Panashe Makachi said he always had an ambition to study in America and this was an opportunity for him to get guidance on which colleges to enroll.

“I’m very excited to be here getting information on colleges and universities in America, platforms like this help us to study hard and fulfill our dreams,” said Makachi.

The fair was an opportunity for high school students and graduates to speak with university representatives and enquire on the requirements needed to enroll at those institutions and other related conditions of study.

Another student from Eaglesvale College, Trish Mugano said this was a step towards her dreams of studying abroad.

“I have always wanted to study abroad and this event is an attitude booster as I am now aware of what is needed to get myself there,” said Mugano.

She added that the organizers of the event had done a great job, as this was enough to give high school students the edge to work hard in school.

Tyler Twilley the assistant Director of John Hopkins University said they were concerned to see Zimbabwean students studying in America.

Our concern is to see these young aspiring leaders studying in these high rated institutions, said Twilley.

Rebecca Ziegler Mano who works as the Education USA adviser at the US Embassy who was also the coordinator of the event expressed confidence saying they will continue working with local schools to offer high school students such platforms.

“Platforms like this help students to select career paths they want in life,” said Mano.

She added that the highly successful event was now annual in Zimbabwe adding that they will also take it to Bulawayo to enable high school students in the Southern part of the country to also benefit.

Education USA is a network of hundreds of advising centres in 170 countries supported by the U.S Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, which strive to foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States of America and the people of other countries.

The network works to promote United States higher education around the world by offering information about educational institutions in the USA.



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