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TX Money Transfer Launches in Harare, Promising Transparency and Efficiency in Remittances

TX Money Transfer launch ceremony in Harare, Wednesday morning.

Staff Reporter, 

Harare – TX Money Transfer, a new remittance platform, was launched today by BARD Santer Incorporated, a leading financial firm. The platform aims to provide reliability, transparency, and efficiency in remittances, addressing the long-standing issue of hidden transaction costs.


According to Lucia Chingwaru, Executive Director of TX Money Transfer, the launch is focused on building a reliable service and presence across the country, collaborating with existing players to create a hub for ‘last mile’ payment solutions in areas where receiving money has been a challenge.


“The objective is to bridge existing gaps in the remittance sector by offering a reliable and transparent service,” Chingwaru said. “We aim to study the current system, remove bottlenecks, and ensure smooth and better services for our clients and good returns for business.”


Zimbabwe has seen a significant increase in remittances, with US$1.47 billion received in 2023, contributing 16% to the country’s total foreign currency receipts, according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s quarterly review report.


TX Money Transfer assures the availability of funds for disbursement and guarantees no hidden fees, providing a reliable and efficient solution for individuals and companies requiring swift fund transfers.


This launch is expected to revolutionize the remittance sector in Zimbabwe, promoting transparency, efficiency, and collaboration among players.


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