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The Anti -Corruption fight rages on: Tsenengamu

Godfrey Tsenengamu

By Tapiwa Chirume

Suspended Zanu PF secretary for Commissariat in the party’s youth league Godfrey Tsenengamu today announced that his suspension from the party would not deter him from fighting the scourge of corruption that has crippled the development of the country, saying his way forward include fighting corruption and lobbying for dialogue between opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa.

Addressing a Press Conference today at the Media Centre Tsenengamu – who was not in the company of his counterpart Lewis Matutu as expected – reiterated that he was not representing any political party but was driven by the  desire to fight for the interests of  Zimbabweans and to save the young generation whose future had been destroyed by few corrupt individuals connected to the leadership.

Tsenengamu said although there were relentless efforts from within the ZANU PF party to derail him from exposing the corruption cartels as well as the temptation of lucrative benefits, he was receiving from the party, he was not going to stop exposing corruption that has infiltrated the economy as well as the government systems. He emphasized that, ‘I am doing this to protect my legacy and to protect the future of the next generation and for the love of my country. I am not backing off; corruption must fall; cartels must fall.’

The suspended youth league leader said that corruption was not only confined to the Zanu –PF party but also to the opposition political organisation as well as in urban and rural municipalities therefore it was the duty of all Zimbabweans to stand against it for the betterment of the country.

Tsenengamu also announced that another of his key objective was to lobby for the coming together of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa as it was the only way out of the socio-economic challenges , through  the platform  he dubbed the ‘Citizens Summit’ on the 21 of February 2020, although he said there were some influential individuals who were opposed to the talks between the two political leaders as they were deriving benefits from the crisis. ‘The solution lies with all Zimbabweans; we cannot move forward if we look at things with a partisan eye. I am not calling for the G N U (Government of National Unity) neither am I against it but I know when they sit together, there will be a solution.’ he said.

Meanwhile, Tsenengamu announced that on the 14th of February 2020 there will be holding an anti-corruption conference while on the 21 February they  will  be convening a summit dubbed the ‘ Citizens Summit’ to push for the betterment of the country whose future has been shattered by self –seeking cartels.


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