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Belling Zimbabwe’s Electoral-Ideological Cat

By Takura Zhangazha* It will take a while yet for the national after effect of the 2018 harmonised election to wear off.  Praise singers of Emerson Mnangagwa will continue justifying his eventual victory while those of the opposition will continue to…


Recognition and God’s Case, No Appeal: Zim Elections 2018^

By Takura Zhangazha* Recognition of the result of Zimbabwe’s 2018 harmonised election was always going to be a matter of basic international relations.  One would be forgiven for arguing about which countries recognize their legitimacy. In return for either similar recognition or…


When Mnangagwa met Zimbabweans who are white: Race and Zimbabwe 2018 Elections

  By Takura Zhangazha* It began with Zimbabwe’s deputy President Chiwenga holding two surprising campaign meetings. One with what was called the ‘Indian’ community. Another with what was referred to as the ‘Coloured community’. The current Zanu Pf leader and…

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Individualism, Relapse and the Zimbabwe 2018 Elections

By Takura Zhangazha* I am aware that I have used an awkward word (relapse) for this particular blog.  But there were three significant events that brought a deeper reflection to the scheduled 30 July 2018 general/harmonised election to necessary thought.  But before I…