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South Africa

South Africa set to become the first African country to produce COVID-19 vaccines

South Africa is set to become the first African country to produce and distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

Zanu PF must not slam doors on helpers

We have read stories regarding Zanu PF and South Africa and it comes as no surprise to us that Zanu PF is adopting this stance with respect to South Africa.

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Police, protesters clash outside Zimbabwe embassy

PRETORIA – Police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse dozens of protesters outside the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria on Friday.

SA envoy to engage Zimbabwean officials

Former minister Sydney Mufamadi and former National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete have been appointed as special envoys to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans smuggling covid-19 bodies from SA

Cross border transporters popularly known as oMalayitsha are reportedly smuggling corpses of Zimbabweans who are dying of coronavirus in the neighbouring South Africa into the country thereby risking more transmissions of the pandemic through goods such as groceries and clothes…

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Zimbabweans defy police ban to handover petition against xenophobia

A crowd of about 100 Zimbabweans from all walks of life converged at the South African Embassy to handover a petition to the South African government to halt the xenophobic attacks that Zimbabweans and other foreigners have been subjected to…