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Zimbabwe: Three years after Mugabe’s removal in 500 words

Zimbabwe’s late former leader Robert Mugabe stepped down on November 21, 2017, bringing an end to nearly 40 years of iron-fisted rule.

Warvets decry govt decision to compensate former white farmers

A tense atmosphere of acrimony has raised fears of looming conflict as war-veterans emotions zoom this week in protest against White farmers who are on list to get compensation. The War-Veteran Welfare Pressure Group has staged a nasty political friction…

Zimbabweans to hold National Citizen Convention

The Citizens’ Manifesto, a coalition of civic organizations, is to hold a National Citizen Convention on 22 and 23 August.   The Convention is meant to map what civil society considers a sustainable path out of Zimbabwe’s deepening socio-economic and crisis….

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Comment: MDC Must Not Slacken on Reform Push

Yesterday’s MDC organised march in push for reforms could not have come at an appropriate time. With Zimbabwe almost heading for another sham election.  With observer missions trooping onto the country and with the imperative for salvaging the country from…


Constitutionalism, Democracy and the 2018 elections

By Collins Chirinda   Winston Churchill: “History is written by the victors” ON November 14 2017, nearly a month before Christmas Eve, the history of a young Zimbabwe was forever re-written. Analysts called it a coup whilst the general population…

In defence of social media audiences

By Arthur Chatora I read with much interest the coverage of President Robert Mugabe’s visit to Zambia to attend the inauguration of President Edgar Lungu as our northern neighbour’s sixth Head of State. Much attention was raised by the “Mugabe…