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Policy inconsistency riles mining sector

Players in the mining sector say government’s policy inconsistency, highlighted by its shock decision to revert to charging mining fees in the local currency following an earlier announcement indicating it was moving to peg license fees in United States dollars,…

Daring thieves steal ED speech, laptop

Police in Kwekwe last Wednesday arrested three of a four-member daring gang which was on the “wanted list” for stealing a laptop, and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speech from a car driven by one of his security aides.

ED must address lockdown confusion

Statements issued by the Zimbabwe Republic Police as well as Home Affairs ministry permanent secretary Aaron Nhepera all point to confusion and lack of strategic thinking in the house.

Freedom of testation: Marriage or concubinage?

The issue of one spouse disinheriting the other also came up this week with a landmark decision of the Supreme Court ruling that parties to a marriage are free to disinherit each other. ¬ is ties in very well with…

Mnangagwa endorses Mwonzora, promises him Zanu PF cooperation

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday congratulated Douglas Mwonzora for winning the MDC-T leadership, a day after the new opposition leader declared he will work with Zanu PF to address the country’s challenges.

Zimbabwe: Three years after Mugabe’s removal in 500 words

Zimbabwe’s late former leader Robert Mugabe stepped down on November 21, 2017, bringing an end to nearly 40 years of iron-fisted rule.

Nguni exposes MDC-led councils

President of the Federation of NGO, Goodson Nguni has accused Movement for Democratic (MDC) for corruptly looting council funds and allegedly attempted to kill thousands of people using water purification chemicals with the intention of getting global attention of the…

ARTUZ supports workers’ protests

THE Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) has mobilised members across the country to participate in the August 31 workplace protests called for by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

Warvets decry govt decision to compensate former white farmers

A tense atmosphere of acrimony has raised fears of looming conflict as war-veterans emotions zoom this week in protest against White farmers who are on list to get compensation. The War-Veteran Welfare Pressure Group has staged a nasty political friction…

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