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Robbery at Ruwanga Road, Mandara: Thieves Make Off with Valuable Jewellery and Items

Crime and Investigations Reporter,

A devastating robbery occurred at a residence on 4 Ruwanga Road, Mandara, on the night of Friday, May 31, 2024, between 10 PM and 12 AM. The victims were attacked, beaten, and robbed of a vast array of valuable jewellery and items.

The stolen items include:

– 7 pairs of 18ct gold loop earrings
– 15 pairs of 18ct gold stud earrings
– Pearl earrings
– 2 strands of white water pearls
– 5 broaches
– A long necklace with a medium-sized cross
– 3 loose diamonds (0.3-0.5 carats)
– 1 loose diamond (1 carat, high quality)
– 5 long chains/necklaces
– 4 bracelets
– A baguette diamond ring
– Baby Christening bracelet and matching heart ring
– 2 aquamarine rings (9ct)
– Baby Christening cross and chain
– Deep blue tanzanite ring (2.5 carats)
– Snake bracelet (gold, pink, and blue gold)
– Bangle with diamonds and rubies (3D style)
– 2 bangles with Zimbabwean semi-precious stones
– 3 Russian wedding rings
– 1 stuck Russian wedding ring
– 2 wedding rings with engraved names
– Ladies’ gold watch
– 2 bracelets with 7 gold coins each
– Ring from dad (twirly)
– 3 small round pendants
– Gents’ ring (square top with 5 diamonds)
– Gents’ ring (square top with raised initials “AP”)
– Gents’ lion head ring with emeralds and cubic zirconia
– 4 Seiko watches
– 2x1ct tanzanite stones (deep dark blue)
– Cross with long chain (gentleman’s)
– 5 crosses (various sizes)
– 10gr gold rectangular Swiss gold (99.9% pure)
– 42gr gold plus 15 small nuggets of pure gold
– 57cm gents’ gold heavy thick chain
– Gents’ very wide and thick bracelet with clasp and safety chain
– 9ct $ dollar design money clip

The total value of the stolen items is estimated to be substantial. The police are investigating the incident and urge anyone with information to come forward.


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