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By Citizens in Action Southern Africa

Residents of Hauna Growth Point which is home to more than 10000 households in Ward 31 Mutasa district, Honde Valley are facing a dire water crisis which has worsened due to the prioritization of smallholder farmers along the Ruda River. This was raised in a Community Outreach meeting held by Citizens in Action Southern Africa on the 1st of July 2024.The meeting by the CIASA provided a platform for the community to hear what the local authority is prioritizing, air their grievances and demand action from local authorities.


For years, the community has struggled with access to water and despite numerous promises from authorities, the situation has remained unchanged, leaving the community frustrated and at the same time desperate for solutions. With banana production being part of the local economy smallholder farmers are prioritized over residents of the Growth Point to such an extent that they get water once a week and rely on a borehole, leaving the community with scarce and unreliable water supplies.Residents also shared their experiences recounting the countless hours spent queuing under the scorching sun only to get a few buckets of water. They expressed the physical and emotional toll of this daily struggle of aching backs that have all become too familiar and remembered the countless times they had to choose between fetching water and other essential tasks. The residents are only demanding a fair and equitable water distribution system, Hauna residents do recognize agriculture as a vital part of the local economy but they also know that it should not come at the expense of their health and well being. They are also calling for the drilling of additional boreholes and also to be involved in decision –making processes to ensure their voices are heard.


With the current water sources being insufficient to meet the community’s needs, the residents believe that drilling new boreholes is a crucial step toward addressing the water crisis.The residents pointed out that drilling new boreholes will also help to reduce the long distances they have to travel to access water, which is often a time–consuming and exhausting task.


It became clear that the water crisis is not just a matter of convenience, but a fundamental issue of human dignity. Through CIASA the residents have vowed to seek redress from Parliament and Ministry of Local Government to have their matter heard and to fight for their right to clean water.


Their plea is just a reminder that access to water is a basic human right and that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this right is respected and protected for all.With the support of Citizens in Action Southern Africa, the residents are determined to fight for their right to clean water.


This situation has made residents feel like they are treated like second-class citizens and has led to numerous challenges including increased waterborne diseases, reduced hygiene and sanitation, and also decreased access to clean water for vulnerable groups which include children, elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant women.Residents of Hauna village emphasized the crucial need to implement afforestation programs to mitigate the effects of climate change on their water sources.


They pointed out that the alarming rate of deforestation and land degradation in the area has led to increased evaporation, reduced water retention and excessive run off. The event sparked new hope and determination among community members who are now more united than ever in their quest for access to clean water and improved living conditions.


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