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Regime change not a crime: Ruhanya

By sineke Sibanda

Contrary to claims by the government and state media that regime change is illegal, a renowned academic dismissed these claims arguing that there is no problem with fighting for a regime change.

Dr. Pedzisai Ruhanya, director of Zimbabwe Democracy Institute said the common madness to take that the word regime means government or vice versa is not wise because the two are different.

“What we ought to understand by a regime is that it is a system by which a government does things. So the only way to change the way government does things is to change the regime. If the government were to change today but the regime remained, we would still face the same challenges we are facing with the present government.”

“But when we change a regime, we are changing the entire system of governance. We are not apologetic about advocating for a regime change as civil society and there is nothing wrong with that, but what is wrong is advocating for a change of government,” Ruhanya added.”

According to Gladys Hlatywayo, a civil rights activist and director for Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust, the civil society is meant to compliment the efforts of the government and act as a watchdog to see that the government delivers upon what it promises.

This came out at a press conference held by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition where a government delivery check report known as the barometer was launched and is set to be published after every two months.

The barometer bemoaned the government’s lack of political will to address the anti-development corruption and reluctance to consult with the public in the formulation of economic, social and political policies and laws arguing that this will not improve the economy which is already rated red (failing).

Thulani Mswelanto, a policy and research officer at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said: “There is no political will in fighting corruption, for instance in Themba Mliswa’s case where he allegedly demanded bribery from investors but no action was taken on him.”

Mswelanto further urged the government to adopt meaningful economic and political reforms to ensure democratic progress towards a better future.


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