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President Mugabe Castigates Sections of Zimbabwean Diaspora

President Robert Mugabe today made disparaging remarks about Zimbabweans in the diaspora saying that they are tarnishing his image and the image of the country.

Addressing multitudes of Zimbabweans at the burial of Major-General Eliah Bandama, which was held at the National Heroes Acre, Mugabe condemned the behavior of Zimbabweans who seek favors from foreign countries by spreading lies about the country. Speaking in Shona,  President Mugabe said the English equivalent of how he has been abused by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. Translated loosely, some of his statements can be paraphrased as follows, “People in the Diaspora mainly in Britain and South Africa claim that I have failed the country yet they are the ones who are destroying   the country by supporting the ideologies of the countries they now reside in,” said Mugabe.

He went on to say that he gave people in the Diaspora passports, which enabled them to make it to the various countries they now reside in. “After all that I have done I’m still the bad guy,” said Mugabe. The nonagenarian leader also made an assertion that Britain is now itching to return Zimbabweans abroad home. “Now Britain is now eager to return Diasporans home and I wonder why in the first place they received them.  “Why returning to the country which is dying when you are in a country which you once ran to saying its good,” lambasted Mugabe.

At the time of going to press, Thee Zimbabwe Sentinel has been unable to get confirmation or denial from the British Embassy in Zimbabwe as to the veracity of the claims made by President Mugabe.



Maj-Gen Bandama who passed away last Friday after battling with cancer is survived by his wife Florence and four children.


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