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Police fire teargas at string Green Fuel Workers

By Misheck Shambare

Anti-riot police yesterday fired teargas at striking Green fuel workers who have not been paid their salaries for the last 3 months on allegations that they refused to be addressed.

The ongoing strike has been dragging for more than three weeks now with workers sometimes agree to go back to work when they are addressed only for the management to fail to honor their obligations.

In the last address, plant owner Bill Rautenbach promised to pay up within a period of weeks. Nothing has been done so far by Green Fuel hence the workers downed their tolls again.

There was a pandemonium at the Ethanol plant in Chisumbanje when the anti riot police from Chipangayi use tear smoke and baton sticks to disperse the protesting crowd.

According to Denford Mutashu a citizen Journalist based in Chisumbanje, the Green Fuel management had called on a meeting to address the workers who downed their tools for the second time in three weeks.

All hell break loose when the workers refused to be addressed saying the Green Fuel management could not be trusted prompting the company to call in the rpolice who proceeded to fire teargas at the striking workers..

In the process, a truck driver and a sixteen-year-old girl were seriously injured with many innocent women and children who were affected with the tearful smoke from teargas.

Disgruntled workers who refused to be identified said this time they will not be moved by the anti-riot police as they wowed to continue with the protests until their outstanding salaries are paid in full.

“We are going to continue with our strike this time and we are no longer afraid of the anti-riot police because we want our money as it is overdue.

“We are not going to tolerate any address from the management as nothing will materialize from it and what we want now is our money only and no more negotiations,” said the disgruntled workers.

As of now the anti-riot police is still deployed at the Green Fuel Company suppressing striking workers.


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