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Parents: 12 year old girls need to be protected

The notion that 12 year olds and 13 year olds are capable of giving sex does not sit well with many parents.

Prosecutor-General (P.G) Johannes Tomana has been under fire for stating that girls under the age of 12 who consent to sex must be allowed to settle for marriage.

Most women in marginalized communities scoffed at sentiments made by Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana that 12-year-old girls can have sex and get married, saying children needed to mature first before entering into relationships.

As adults we are failing to maintain the institution of marriage, what will 12 year olds achieve in being married? Divorce rates are going to be triggered by this move said Evelyn Makusha a mother of 2 from Epworth.

Though most people are of the view that girls mature fast than boys, there is still need to leave room for girls to fully mature into adults before they are exposed tom the institution of marriage said one concerned mother

The move by the prosecutor general seemed to defend sexual offenders that as long as they prove that they consented to sex with the minors in the court of law the serving term for the crime will more lenient.
He said that girls should be allowed to marry early since sending their abusers to jail would “ruin” their lives.

Most women expressed anger on the fact that cows are being valued more than the girl child, a person who steals one cow lands a jail term of 10 years whilst most rapist walk away simply with a community service term.
“As parents we resort to marrying off our kids because we are not sure if the courts will settle the cases fairly “said Mai Muchimbiri who hails from Epworth.

The age of consent according to the law is 16, but Tomana’s liberal views on marriage have alarmed child rights activists who say children need to be protected as the liberal views exposes the girl child to abuse.

Another woman from Mabvuku raised concern that, ‘if you educate a girl, as the saying goes, you educate a nation, That girl will get married later, she will have fewer children, she’s more likely to earn an income, and that income is more likely to be plowed back into the family so that the family benefits. This all what we want for our children and not what Tomana is saying’.


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