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Outrage Over Stalled Progress At Pomona Waste To Energy Project

By Staff Reporter

The Community Water Alliance (CWA), a local water rights group, has voiced strong discontent regarding the stalled progress of the waste-to-energy plant deal between the City of Harare and Geogenix BV.

Despite initial promises, the project has failed to meet its timelines and workplan, drawing criticism from CWA.

Recently, Dilesh Nguwaya, the head of Geogenix, showcased a football pitch constructed at the Pomona dumpsite, claiming it had received certification from the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA).

“Outraged by the fact that to date since the signing of the 30 years concession agreement on 09 March 2022, no municipal waste processing plant and waste to energy plant has been constructed at the site, serve for a football pitch that has not been a deliverable of the concession agreement,” said Mudzingwa further revealing that government and City of Harare are still paying Geogenix despite failure to meet contractual deliverables.

Mudzingwa expressed frustration over the lack of progress since the signing of the 30-year concession agreement in March 2022.

He highlighted the absence of any waste processing or energy plant at the site, except for the football pitch, which was not a contractual deliverable.

Furthermore, Mudzingwa revealed that despite Geogenix’s failure to meet contractual obligations, both the government and the City of Harare continued to pay the company.

He criticized the proposed addendum to the agreement, which would impose an additional charge of US$123.92 per ton of waste collected from suburbs, on top of the existing fee of US$40 per ton for waste disposal at the Pomona dumpsite.

“Worried that the City of Harare is now required to pay US$123.92 per ton for waste collection which is an additional cost to the already set USD40.00 per ton for dumping waste at Pomona despite the fact that solid waste is a raw material to this facility,” said Mudzingwa.

Expressing concern over the financial burden this would impose on the city, Mudzingwa emphasized that solid waste serves as a raw material for the facility and questioned the rationale behind the additional charges.

He called upon the City of Harare to unequivocally reject the proposed addendum and demanded the termination of the joint venture concession agreement with Geogenix, echoing the sentiments of concerned residents.



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