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Opposition Group Condemns Proposed Amendments Threatening Electoral Integrity in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter

The National Election Reform Agenda (NERA) has denounced moves by the ruling Zanu PF party return voter registration and delimitation to the Registrar’s office and Delimitation Commission saying the amendments pose a severe threat to the independence and integrity of Zimbabwe’s electoral processes.

In a statement, NERA Spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the proposed changes, which aim to transfer crucial functions from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) back to executive-appointed bodies could compromise the democratic progress achieved in recent years.

NERA, a prominent opposition coalition further argued that these changes could significantly undermine the independence and integrity of Zimbabwe’s electoral processes.

According to NERA, this move mirrors provisions of the old constitution, which were previously rejected by the Zimbabwean people in both the 2013 Constitution and the 2000 referendum.

NERA has unequivocally denounced these amendments, citing two primary reasons for their opposition.

“Firstly, they represent a direct assault on the independence of chapter 12 institutions, particularly ZEC, secondly, the proposed changes undermine the principle enshrined in the 2013 constitution, thus jeopardizing the progress made towards fair and transparent electoral processes,” said Mwonzora.

According to Mwonzora, it is imperative to uphold the sanctity of the new constitution, which was crafted to ensure the independence and efficiency of electoral institutions.

NERA warned that these proposed amendments threaten to dismantle the achievements of the new constitution and undermine ZEC’s ability to function independently and efficiently.

Moreover, the group contends that such changes could further erode public trust in the electoral process, exacerbating existing concerns about the fairness and transparency of elections in Zimbabwe.



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