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‘Nothing wrong with ZIMASSET’-Opposition Parties

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Yesterday various representatives of opposition parties and civil society admitted that there is nothing wrong with ZIMASSET except its failure to address issues of good governance and constitutionalism.

This was said at the roundtable discussion held at the Media Centre to analyse the various economic blue prints offered by other political parties as the ruling party’s Zimasset has failed to address the declining economic conditions.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition presented its alternative Zimbabwe Social Market Alternatives for Recovery and Transformation (ZIMSMART) which demands that the government addresses issues of governance and rule of law in order to address the economic issues bedeviling the country.

The same sentiments were echoed by panelist, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya who pointed outed that government was trying to implement freemarket economics without addressing key issues of democratisation and this would most likely end in failure.No investment will come in an environment were property rights are not respected and the rule of law questionable.

The Movement for Democratic Change’s Eddie Cross said ZIMASSET was a good document but the country was failing at the level of implementation.

“Zimbabwe has to play by the global rules of economics if it wanted to revive its economy” he said.

“Who do you think is going to invest his $100 and end up with $49 and no control of the business” he added in apparent reference to the Indiginisation policy.

Jacob Mafume representing the People’s Democratic party said the diaspora and investors did not trust Zimbabweans with their money.

” Look at how Gideon Gono built houses with money from the diaspora and gave these houses to a few soldiers and judges” Mafume said.

In contrast political commentator, Takura Zhangazha said that all the economic blue prints had no input from the people and were articulating issues from the point of view of the elite.

Opposition parties seem to forget that they were formed because of the economic turmoil that had followed the economic policies implemented by government such as ESAP. It was surprising how these opposition parties are now pursuing the same policies.

He said that all the political parties seemed to be in favour of water meters and public private partnerships that may further hurt the poor.

“Water is a basic human right but the government and opposition municipalities want to sell water”he said

Eddie Cross conceded that things such as water and education were basic rights that needed to be protected by the government. He said it was prudent to provide free water up to a certain threshold for basic use and then bill the consumer for extra use of the water.

As the economy continues to nosedive the government seems unable to provide solutions. Powercuts have worsened while thousands of workers have lost their jobs


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