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Munyokovere villagers Join Hands to Resuscitate Local Dip Tank

Villagers in Chipinge Rural District Council ward 5 have joined hands to resuscitate a local dip tank destroyed by their local authority when it attempted to evict the community as part of its urbanisation plan.

The villagers under headman Munyokovere went to court and successfully challenged their eviction but the local authority had already destroyed the dip tank which they are now resuscitating.

The site for their local dip tank had been cited for a lodge that was on the verge of a take-off when the court ruled against Chipinge rural district council eviction plans.

“Having a lodge here (Munyokovere) is not bad but whose interests is it serving? Are we not creating hibernation sites for our girls, young women and men? Given that the lodge is at the epicentre of residential stands and very close to the High school,” said one Mbuya Maora.

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Following their court victory, the villagers approached the veterinary department who gave them the green light to use their dip tank. They then began pulling resources together to resuscitate the dip tank as it is an important requirement for their livestock.

”Development is needed yes but a dip tank is also key given that in this region cattle rearing is a farming activity that’s giving people decent a living. A farmer with a five roomed house has less wealth to a person with three cattle so as long as cattle are still allowed in here there is need for a dip tank,” said another villager, Mr Muvheya.

Mai Murimbechi who is also from Munyokovere said they are happy that they can now dip their cattle against diseases. She thanked Vemuganga Community Radio for making their voices heard.

”Your program made our problems heard by Lawyers and other institutions which helped to stop Council from its earlier diabolic move to evict us.”

Land conflicts are on the rise in Zimbabwe as the authorities simply order people to move without proper consultations leaving the burden to the victims to decide life after eviction. This is supported by what is happening in Chisumbanje, Chinyamukwakwa, Chilonga and other areas.


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