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Sister-sister savings group lightens Mrewa women’s plight

Sister-sister savings group is moving very well so far and it currently consists of 18 members. The group was formed in September 2013 with the help of media centre, from September 2013 to June 2014 the group managed to raise US$3000 and the money is shared between them as there had been an agreement in June. The group again started the savings in June, but the idea was to raise capital for farming inputs this time.They agreed the inputs were to be bought on the first of November. The sister-sister group is fully registered and the constitution was drafted by the members of the group but the major problem the group is facing is that 4 males joined the group and they want a name change since the group is sister -sister to mean ladies only. Most people in the group started their projects from this as a source of getting money. Each person who borrows money from the group will return a 20 percent interest each month. The person who borrows money should be a member of the group but the very good thing is that most people in the group are youths. Youths find it better to join savings than to apply loans in banks. Since prossesing loans will take a long time and a lot of things are required like colateral security and quotations.


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