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Media Centre Citizen Journalism refresher training workshops reach Karoi

By Yvonne Manjengwa

MEDIA Centre today conducted a workshop to encourage citizen journalists to monitor and report electoral malpractices during the upcoming general elections.

The workshop was attended by different community based organisations, women groups, youth group and activists.

The work is part of Media Centre’s nationwide refresher courses for citizen journalists as the country approaches elections.

According to the Trainer/Facilitator, Nhau Mangirazi, citizen journalism is a continuous affair that should be a habit not an accidental activity.

Mangirazi emphasized on the issue of accuracy, truthfulness, protection of subjects from harm and impartiality as vital ethics in journalism.

“The nation is committed to free and fair 2018 election, so it is time to contribute to this national call through exposure of election environment, proceedings, malpractices and commendable aspects.

“Citizens complain about ZBC’s impartiality and disconnection from masses as a contributor to failure to have free and fair election environment in Zimbabwe.” said Mangirazi.

Citizen journalists were urged to make use of social media to unpack electoral misconduct and mobilize, recruit and encourage others to take part in citizen journalism.



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