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Hands off Second Republic, G40 told

Ephraim Chizola in T-shirt flanked by fellow members of Mjunhumutapa Royal Charter

By correspondent

Former Zanu-Pf politician, Savior Kasukuwere who is currently exiled in South Africa since the 2017 change of Zimbabwean government has been castigated for attempting to taint the reputation of President Mnangagwa.

Ephraim Chizola, national leader of Munhumutapa Royal Charter, a grouping of likeminded business persons aligned to the ruling party told journalists at a press conference in Harare Thursday afternoon that no amount of mudslinging by the G40 will discredit the progress achieved by President Mnangagwa and his government as witnessed by major projects currently being undertaken countrywide.

“As you are aware, within all the country’s ten provinces there are numerous developmental projects that have since taken shape as a result of the Second Republic. These have since started to transform our economy towards the attainment of VISION 2030. The projects include but not limited to the following; the mighty RGM International Airport expansion, the world Class New City and Parliament Building, the Magnificent New Road Infrastructural projects and, the Giant Tugwi Murkosi Dam. It is also through the Second Republic that the country honored long and forgotten fallen heroes of our struggles, the likes of the Mbuya Nehanda, whose face has been inscribed on the country’s currency and the subsequent erection of a life sized monumental statue of the same Mbuya Nehanda in the city of Harare,” said Chizola.

“However, it is disheartening to note that regardless of these historic achievements, our various media houses and Government information and publicity agencies remains low key in their roles of apprising the general populace of these achievements. This has left our own Munhumutapa, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde ED MNANGAGWA to run a lone race towards the heralding of the great works by the Second Republic,” he added.

MRC seeks to contribute towards the mobilization of 5 million votes targeted for Mnangagwa through what they have dubbed 14 Million Smiles campaign.

Zanu-Pf is currently embroiled in factional fights which saw their recently held provincial elections largely characterized by violent contestations and disputes.  It is suspected there is a bigger chunk of current Zanu-Pf members who still sympathize with those who were expelled at the inception of the second republic. Savior Kasukuwere is reported to be considering a return to Zanu-Pf to challenge the re-election of President Mnangagwa in the 2023 harmonized elections.


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