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Gross Human Rights Violations Rock Chiredzi Rural Constituencies


Mobile Clinics Urgently Needed to Address Torture, Abductions, and Humiliation by Self-Appointed Vigilante Group

Vengai Chauke revealing wounds sustained as a result of massive beatings

CHIREDZI – Reports of gross human rights violations have emerged from Chiredzi Rural Constituencies, where a self-imposed group, dubbed “G.Unit”, has taken the law into its own hands.

By Marko Shoko

The group, comprising community members, business people, and led by individuals known as “anaMalaicha”, has been abducting, torturing, and humiliating individuals suspected of committing offenses.

The victims are denied the right to a fair trial and are subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment, violating their right to human dignity as enshrined in the Zimbabwean Constitution Amendment (No.20) Act 2013, Sections 51 and 52.

Nesbert Mashava narrating his ordeal

Recent cases include Nisbert Mashava, who was tortured until he soiled himself after being falsely accused of stealing a phone. Vengai Give Tshovele, an orphan, was abducted and tortured on May 13th, leaving him unable to feed or drink without vomiting blood for three days. Seven days later, his wounds are still bleeding, and he urgently needs medical attention.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Legal Resource Foundation, NGO Forum, and Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights are urged to hold Human Rights Mobile Clinics in these rural constituencies to address these violations and provide assistance to the victims.

The people of Chiredzi East deserve protection and access to justice, and it is imperative that these organizations intervene to ensure that the rights of all citizens are respected and upheld.


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