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Epworth Women Bear the Brunt of House Demolitions

The recent wave of demolitions that hit the Epworth suburb has negatively affected the livelihoods of  women.

Sithokozile Maidza’s dream of owning a residential stand has been completely shattered as she is now left stranded and living in the open at overspill Shopping Centre.

“I was excited to possess a residential stand and I had invested all my savings on the project only to realize now  that all my efforts are now in vain,” she said with tears falling down her cheeks.

This is a danger on its own as women who reside in the open are vulnerable to multiple forms of victimization, including sexual and physical assault.

Another Epworth resident Tarisai Marikopo, was detained and assaulted by the police after questioning the assault and arrest of her 17 year daughter.

She regretted the day she purchased a residential stand in Epworth.

“As it stands it is far much better to be a tenant than to have a stand of your own because you never know when you will be evicted.

“Government should make sure that people are allocated alternative residential stands.

As it is many people have been left homeless some are squatting at Overspill Business Centre,” said Marikopo.

As it stands, there are no intervention strategies in place to deal with the many effects of the demolitions that women are subjected to.

“Demolitions affect everyone mostly women, who find themselves displaced and in most cases without alternative shelter, this is a violation of their rights said Grace Wagoneka , the founding trustee at Munhanga Affairs Forum Trust.

She went on to say that demolitions will see many young women turning to prostitution as they have been left homeless.

She said women are the most affected since they are directly responsible for the home, family and welfare cooking and washing clothes.


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