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Epworth woman in suicide scandal

By Nyasha N Mukapiko

An Epworth woman is lucky to be alive after failing to stomach her husband’s cheating habits and allegedly tried to commit suicide on Tuesday last week.

It is believed that the woman in question found out that her husband who had delayed coming home in the evening was at a small house and went berserk before attempting to beat up the husband’s mistress, a move the husband blocked.

After the clash, the victim is said to have reacted badly and left the scene for a nearby dam where she threw herself in an act of attempted suicide.

However, her suicide intention failed after she pounded on top of a rock inside the dam and her husband who been alerted of her wife’s intended suicidal move arrived to rescue her.

The victim sustained serious injuries from the incident and is believed to have been admitted in hospital but efforts to get comments from the source were fruitless, as the couple is believed to have relocated to another address.

According to an inside source the same women is said to have earlier tried to kill herself over the infidelity affair of her husband by locking herself in the house before lighting fire only to be rescued a few months ago.

Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse or mental abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Founder and current Director of Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building (ZYWNP), Grace Chirenje yesterday said emotional abuse by its nature wasn’t being taken seriously in Zimbabwe.

“People, women in particular need to unpack realities and begin ways of coping that are relevant for them as individuals dealing with the many realities presented by an institution called marriage that is practical and in favor of male power and dominance”, Chirenje said.

Chirenje who had no soft words for women went further to say that women should learn to depend on themselves and cope with cases of emotional abuse.

“As a feminist I encourage self-care as a critical method of debriefing and understanding ones lived realities which are complex in many ways.

It is therefore critical that women develop their own meaningful solidarity and support systems that will help p them cope with emotional stresses that are part of an institution called marriage”, Grace said.

In addition, Chirenje highlighted that counseling could certainly help survivors with coping skills but however there is also a risk that it might fail to act as prescriptive measure.

According to the Violence Against Women Baseline study, emotional abuse stands at 52% while sexual violence is at 26,3 against women and 2,7% against men.



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