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Environmental Management Agency Launches Fire Week Campaign in Mashonaland East Province

By Svinurai Nyathi

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in conjunction with the Ward 1, Clawsham Farm community, and the Agricultural Advisory and Rural Development Services, has today launched the Provincial Fire week campaign for Mashonaland East Province.
The Campaign was launched under the theme, ‘Prevent Veld Fires – Protect the Environment and Livelihoods.’
As part of this initiative, farmers were educated on fire guard construction, firefighting techniques, and the legal framework surrounding fires.

Residents look on as Mike Goto, an Environmental Officer with EMA, demonstrates the role of fire guards in controlling fires.

The Guest of Honour, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Apollonia Muzverengwi, represented by Director Mashonaland East Provincial Planning Engineer Manyakara, highlighted that the event is commemorated yearly as government mobilises the public against starting veld fires.

“July to November marks this year’s fire season due to low rainfall. The effects of fire impact not only livelihoods but also national infrastructure such as ZESA and TelOne poles. The Environment Management Authority (EMA) needs to continue educating the public on firefighting and fire prevention mechanisms,” said Engineer Manyakara.

EMA District Coordinator for Wedza, Liberty Dera, demonstrated to farmers how to establish fire guards, emphasizing that they must be at least nine metres long. He explained the adverse effects of veld fires as well as the legal implications to perpetrators. He also stated that there is need to re-establish the District Fire Management Committee, which is currently dysfunctional.
Wedza North Legislator Itai Ndudzo emphasized the importance of grass in feeding cattle and its significant role in our economy. He encouraged Wedza residents to actively participate in firefighting in the event of the veld fire, as required by the law.

“We thank EMA for the comprehensive education on natural resource conservation and pledge to assist in mobilising resources for fire management in the Wedza district,” said Honorable Ndudzo.


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