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Corruption Responsible for Infrastructure Dilapidation: Analysts

By Prince Njagu
Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAF) held their annual conference last week at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.
The Conference was entitled “Zimbabwe Going Forward: Opportunities and Constraints?” which focused on issues to do with the state of the Zimbabwean deteriorating infrastructure and how responsible Authorities were supposed to safeguard these assets.
Vince Musewe an Independent Analyst in his presentation made mention of 14 economic blue prints that have been done since 1980 for all sectors in the country but still the economy was on a free fall.
“We recreate same problems and we recycle them…we need to look into the actual problems; the reasons behind…Infrastructure causes economic development and it goes the other way round; economic development promotes infrastructure”, said Musewe.
Eddie Cross: Bulawayo South Member of Parliament expressed fury on how the government had initially made a $57million budget for the construction of the Tokwe-Mkosi dam but as of now the government had spent close to $257 million in that project.
Cross said that the figure had reached to such an amount as the government was constantly putting the project on hold and being asked to pay penalties by the Italian contractors and so questioned on how the country will kick-start the economy when such poor infrastructure management was taking place.
Executive Director of Transparency International Zimbabwe Mary Jane Ncube said, “Corruption in the country has resulted in infrastructure deterioration”.
She quizzed on how a nation like Zimbabwe had failed to finish the construction of a 40 kilometer highway from the Central Business District to the airport.
Dr Strike Mkandla said; “There was need for more consensus building so as to resolve the current economic crisis”.
Mkandla emphasized on how government Ministries were accountable to the general populace hence servants of the people and had a duty to serve the people responsibly.


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