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Chivayo abandons ZIFA

By Takunda Mandura

Zimbabwe flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo has castigated the Sunday Mail for publishing a story  which suggested that Chivayo has failed to honor his pledge to support the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) .Chivayo has since suspended his sponsorship for  ZIFA after the Warriors coach Calisto Pasuwa was quoted in some sections of the media complaining about failing to raise money for his daughter to go to enrolled at Chinese university .

“THIS officially marks the end of my sponsorship for the WARRIORS for 2016. It takes a lot of love to spend 600 thousand dollars on people you don’t know or are not even related to so you will all appreciate my reasons for reacting this way in the circumstances, “posted Chivhayo.

He went also expressed his withdrawal for the sponsorship of the Warriors and left an opportunity for others to do the sponsoring

“Other than that for now I will also give others a chance to support NATIONAL PRIDE…..GO WARRIORS GO….ALL THE BEST TO AFCON…..”he posted

Chivayo went on express that he is not forced to  support football in the country.

“Always remember I’m under no obligation whatsoever to support soccer. Such behavior displays an ungrateful person and is totally unacceptable in my world. He (Calisto Pasuwa) drives a brand new TOYOTA that I bought, a car that I see being driven only by executives. I can afford to pay him 7000 dollars every day for the next 10 years and still not feel it.”

“I can’t tolerate ungrateful people and i will never take this type of rubbish in my life. It’s a different thing if I wasn’t paying their bills and giving them money immediately upon request.”  He added

Chivayo however pledged to pay Pasuwa’s salary for a year. He also bragged about the money he has given to ZIFA so far.

“Simple calculations show almost 600 thousand dollars used in 3 months as opposed to the agreed 3 years. If i say i have given players 72 thousand dollars and 28 phones you must know that’s nothing but the truth.’’

Chivayo’s actions have put a spotlight on whether the sponsorship of football is going in the right direction. The way Chivayo terminated his contract with ZIFA made some social media users question if he was a serious sponsor.



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