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CCC National Council Meets in Harare, Sets Sights on Party Rebuilding

CCC meeting held in Harare, Wednesday afternoon

Sentinel Reporter

Harare, Zimbabwe – The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) National Council convened in Harare, Wednesday afternoon, culminating in significant resolutions aimed at revitalizing the party. According to Kuwadzana MP Charlton Hwende, the meeting marked a crucial step forward in the party’s rebuilding process.


Hwende took to social media to announce the meeting’s conclusion, stating, “Just finished our Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) National Council meeting today. Important resolutions have been passed. It’s now time to go back to the branches and rebuild our party. Key Focus on Structure, Strategy, and Culture.”


The meeting’s outcome signals a renewed emphasis on strengthening the party’s foundation, refining its approach, and fostering a robust cultural identity within the CCC. As the party shifts its attention to implementation, the coming weeks and months will be crucial in determining the success of these efforts.


Today’s National Council meeting in Harare marks a significant milestone in the CCC’s journey, as the party works to revitalize its presence and impact on Zimbabwe’s political landscape.


Since the sudden departure of Nelson Chamisa, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been navigating a period of significant transformation and introspection. The party has grappled with the challenges of redefining its leadership and strategic direction, while also addressing internal divisions and disillusionment. Despite these hurdles, the CCC has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to democratic values, with a renewed focus on rebuilding and strengthening its structures, reinvigorating its grassroots presence, and rearticulating its vision for a more just and equitable Zimbabwe. As the party continues to evolve and adapt, its ability to navigate these changes and emerge stronger and more united will be crucial in determining its future impact on the country’s political landscape.


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