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Lead Political Party at a Press Conference on the eve of SADC Anti-Sanctions Day on 25 Oct 2019

Anti-sanctions march politicized: Masarira

The Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats ( LEAD) has called for depoliticization of national events ahead of the anti-sanctions march slated for  tomorrow.

Addressing journalists in Harare LEAD President Linda Masarira said the government must consult all opposition parties and people who are mainly affected when it comes to issues of national interest.

“I just want to urge the government that in future it must not politicize national interest issues, including events like the heroes day where only ZANUPF speakers are considered. The government must separate national issues and political issues. They should have consulted all opposition parties and civil society groups on the organization of the anti-sanctions march.

“The Zimbabwe Government Machinery seems to have hijacked the people’s cause. Government in hijacking has even gone as step further to declare the 25th of October a public holiday. What a betrayal of people’s revolution. This is exactly what happened in November 2017. We as the people and workers are tired of being used for political gains. The whole essence and purpose of the march by the people for themselves is lost. We are disheartened,” said Masarira

Masarira condemned the involvement of school children and civil servants in the march.

“We now hear people being bused from as far as Muzarabani to come and take part in this march. We hear all school children and the civil servants being force-marched by state argents. To come and take part in this march against by this pupated to be new government of ZANUPF,” she added

She said her leadership has vowed not to attend the march because they were not informed and invited.

They however said they are taking crucial steps as a party to call for the removal of sanctions which they know is directly affecting the whole nation.


By Rutendo Bamu and Success Majaramhepo


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