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Africa Sun Boss Urges Greater Youth Economic Empowerment

By Prince Njagu
 Zimbabwe’s “Africa’s Premier Business Exchange” World Tourism Expo, Sanganani/ Hlanganani hosted a “Youth Professionals Forum” to equip Zimbabwean youth on entrepreneurial skills so as to develop the nation.
Zimbabwe youth have been urged to engage themselves in entrepreneurial ventures so as to develop the nation.
“The world needs the youths for it to prosper; so the youths need to take a center stage in all developmental issues”, said Shingi Munyeza; Group Chief Executive at African Sun Limited
Munyeza emphasized on how the world has become a global village and how they need to adapt to changes in the environment so as to develop the nation.
“We compete with everyone for everything so the quality of service we offer in our businesses should meet international standards or even be better”, said Munyeza.
The youths were encouraged to engage in meaningful self-help developmental ventures so as to empower themselves and develop the nation at large.
Gift Marozva from the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Empowerment said; “We are currently facing high levels of unemployment in the country and so the youths need to be very innovative and come up with project proposals; if the proposals are good enough the Ministry will fund them”.
Through the initiative of the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Empowerment Zimbabwean youths are required to come up with project proposals and they apply for loans from local banks were they will be given loans.
“At CABS bank the youths will be required to forward a project proposal of which when the proposal is approved they will get a loan of up-to $5000 and the loan is payable in a year with an interest rate of 10 percent”.
Marozva emphasized on the need for the youths to grab the Ministry’s initiative and create employment rather than wait for the government to create jobs for them.


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