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Close relatives battle in Zanu Pf primaries

By Citizen Reporter

CHIPINGE – Chipinge South legislator and businessman, Enock Porusingazi is  today facing off against his uncle Wilson T Khumbula popularly known as Kujokochera in the Zanu PF primaries elections to gain a ticket to represent the party in this year’s harmonised elections.

Kujokochera who is backed by war veterans who have not hidden their disapproval of Porusingazi’s continued stay at the helm of Chipinge South parly seat. War veterans accuse Porusingazi of being linked to the ousted Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe and being disrespectful to the ex-combatants on top of being lazy to work for the party and constituency.

While the battle is largely between Porusingazi and his uncle, dark horses in Leonard Makwambeni, Khipani Bhila and the self-styled lady Angela Hobwana cannot be ruled out as they are capable of staging the biggest shock of the century.

Sensing imminent defeat, Porusingazi has been holding meetings in all wards meeting and canvassing support through his usual promises which never come to pass. He is also issuing Nokia mobile phones and money to kraal heads and influential supporters in the hope of winning their support ahead of the make or break primaries.

Porusingazi has in the past made wild promises including buses to secondary schools which to this day has remained unfulfilled. He has also made promises of projects to supporters and could come back to hound him as people have already raised these issues as part of their disgruntlement with his candidature.

The general feeling among Chipinge South voters is the need for new blood and this favours Kujokochera who is able to match Porusingazi in terms of financial stamina and community standing.

Makwambeni will also come face to face with people he has been demanding bribes from to get places for Temporary teaching. From the look of things, his name has no solid backing of party supporters who feel it is their turn to revenge for all his sins during his time as District Education Officer.

”We have tried both Kujokochera and Porusingazi and they have failed, they disappeared and resurfaced now because they want our votes. In this new dispensation we expect new and energetic leaders who can be go betweens for the community and the president,” said one of Zanu PF supporters on condition of anonymity.

Under such circumstances and with Khumbula the leading horse in Zanu PF, advantage will go to Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA and MDC-T as Porusingazi is likely to lead the Bhora Musango drive or split votes should he chose to join Mugabe’s National Patriotic Front.

Also the fact that Chipinge South is a swing constituency that has previously exchanged hands, could work in the opposition advantage should things go the other way.

We are expecting the primary polls to begin and end in peace and leaders should take the leading role in condemning all forms of violence.


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