Zimbabwe’s ‘Occupy’ Activist Arrested Again.

Misheck Shambare

Activist Itai Dzamara who had the courage to write a petition calling for the resignation of President Mugabe was on Tuesday arrested at Africa Unity Square in Harare’s Central Business District.

Dzamara was trying to address his supporters and members of the public when the riot police who are usually in Africa Unity Square to look out for unsanctioned demonstrations moved in and stopped him.

The police asked for a clearance letter for Dzamara’s public actions, which he produced. The police however went on to take his megaphone. Dzamara then proceeded to speak without the megaphone when one of the police officers suddenly grabbed him and took him to First Street Police Station.

The clearance letter that Dzamara had appeared to be legitimate and was signed by Inspector Saunyama of Harare Central police Station.

“I have all my letters and its my right as a Zimbabwean citizen to make my address as long as I have done all the procedures to do so,” fumed Dzamara.

As of now no charge has been laid against Dzamara at the police station.

The officers at the police station did not confirm what Dzamara and five of his accomplices were being charged with.

This is the second time Dzamara has been arrested since beginning his self styled “Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign” two weeks ago.

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