Zimbabwe Elections: A big momentous setback for re-engagement

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By Nkosikhona Dibiti

The aftermath of elections is marred with many issues such as a disputed poll result, violence, shootings by the army on unarmed civilians and reports of abductions and oppositions leaders going into hiding.

“This is obviously very bad for the country, the door is not closed, but they have got to get a grip on alleged assaults by troops”, said one western diplomat in Harare. ”

Prospects of a New Zimbabwe narrative had been the talk of the contesting presidential candidates post Mugabe era.

The incumbent President upon usurping power in November 2017, embarked on a globe trotting spree in a quest to secure the much need Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to jump start the bedridden economy.

The campaign period saw massive campaign vehicles, billboards, party regalia, vote buying reports, partisan distribution of food items, tea and cake rallies speaking of a well-oiled ZANU PF balance sheet.

With a month away from the harmonised elections, the government proceeded to award all civil servants a 17% increase with the lowest-paid employee taking home US$296, up from US$253.These figures agree to the fact that over 90% of Zimbabweans live below the poverty datum line.

Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon. Chinamasa, in statement said, “of every $100 that we receive, 90% is going to wages”.

Already, the wage bill is on course to chew.

A widening trade deficit estimated at US$750 million also paints a gloomy picture for our economy and the country’s economic productive sector industries remains white elephants.

The unemployment rate ballooning daily as companies continue to close shop.

However, the nation waits for a court verdict on who leads Zimbabwe. The citizens continue to feel the pressure of a failing economy with banks recording huge queues every morning.

Which way Zimbabwe? This is a critical question regarding  setting Zimbabwe on the economic recovery path.

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