ZIM Electoral Processes & Education System Sideline People Living with Disabilities

By Yvonne Manjengwa

HARARE – The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust has called on the government to consider implementing the inclusion of sign language in the education system and electoral processes to cater for people living with disabilities.

Addressing a press conference held at Media Centre in Harare, Director of Deaf Zimbabwe Trust, Barbra Nyangairi said Zimbabwe’s electoral processes are not progressing in the direction that incorporates people living with disabilities.

“We are very much concerned about the lack of progress when it comes to discussing disability inclusion in our country in terms of education and electoral participation. In many cases, the excuse of we do not have resources has come but even when resources are available, you do not see much traction with issues to do with disabilities”, she said.

Disability Rights Activist and Lawyer, Abraham Mateta condemned ZANU PF and MDC for driving self-centered agendas ignoring the basic needs of disabled people with regard to electoral processes.

“I have been listening to various groups and political parties with the other saying that it wants to demonstrate against the lack of electoral reforms while the other is saying it wants to march in solidarity with the President for effecting electoral reforms,” said Mateta.

Federation of Organisations of Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) national coordinator, Elissa Ravengai said there must be an inclusive educational system in which children with disabilities are supplied with individualized support measures that help improve their quality of education.

“The ministry of Primary and Secondary Education must support the inclusion of sign language in the educational system. Lack of sign language continues to compromise the quality of education”, Ravengai said.


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