ZANU PF Youth League Leadership is a Lazy Cabal: ZYAP

ZYAP president Tonderai Chidawa flanked by his secretary General addressing Journalist at Media Centre in Harare

By Citizen Reporter

Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP), a youth organization claiming affiliation to ZANU PF has issued a three day ultimatum to the ZANU PF National League executive which it says must    give youths a clear road map as to how the youth league structures are operating in view of allegations of incompetency in the top leadership.

Addressing a press conference at Media Centre in Harare today, ZYAP president, Tonderai Chidawa said the ten member ZANU PF Youth League executive should put its house in order and start addressing issues affecting youths “instead of drinking expensive whiskey”.

“We hereby give a three day ultimatum to the whole top ten to give us a clear road map. We advise the youth league bosses to give more attention to Zanu PF work and stop concentrating on their own lavish lifestyles,” said Chidawa.

Referring to it as a lazy cabal, Chidawa said the ZANU PF Youth League executive has not defended President Mnangagwa in the wake of attacks from political opponents.

“The Youth League leadership is not even campaigning for the president of the party .They are not working .As vanguards of the party we can’t fold our hands while people are not working for the party”, he said.

Chidawa further accused the ZANU PF Youth League executive of reluctant to address issues affecting the youths in Zimbabwe.“Since the appointment of this lazy cabal we have not held any meaningful program for the country’s youths”, he said.

“We have US $12,5  million which was availed (sic) last year but our comrades in the youth league  executive are ignoring the money whilst most young people are in poverty”, Chidawa added in reference to the youth empowerment fund that was ostensibly put in place through the establishment of a youth empowerment bank during the era of former President Mugabe.



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