Zanu Pf has a history of bloodshed and unscrupulous dealings: YARD

Takunda Mandura

The Youth Advocacy  for Reform and Democracy (YARD) has accused the ruling ZANU PF party for having a history of violence after the group was barred from protesting against President Mugabe in Masvingo last week.

Delivering  his speech at a press conference at the Media Centre, the Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) Masvingo provincial coordinator Munyaradzi Rushwaya (22) slammed Zanu Pf yesteryear’s dealings as being full of bloodshed and abductions , after the  youths in Masvingo aborted a  demonstration  which was barred by the police on the 26th of February 2016

“Zanu PF has a history of bloodshed and unscrupulous dealings  .It is an undeniable fact that Zanu PF has  a history of bloodshed and abductions  , history tells you that Zanu PF has the ability of raising a separate army like the 5th brigade,”  said Rushwaya

He added “With a record which included Gukurahundi, Kombai’s attempted murder, Jestina Mukoko and Itai Dzamara’s abductions, the list is just endless and the history is marred.”

Rushwaya went on to express his displeasure with the Mugabe regime  for denying citizens  their rights to “freedom of expression and assembly.


Tatenda Mhungu YARD National Youth Chairman also condemned Mugabe’s human rights record and hypocrisy.

He said “Mugabe slams Gay marriage yet he is surrounded by Gay gangsters

Mhungu went further to blast the current leadership for doing nothing for the youths and also the National Youth Service program as a waste of money. He urged President Mugabe to use the result based management concept on his ministers as they are concentrating on Zanu PF fights



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