Youths hold street press conference

Staff Reporter

A group of youth belonging to different political parties gathered in Harare today urging the government not introduce bond notes. The youths also castigated the decision by President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF party to organise a one million men march for their leader scheduled for Wednesday this week.

Speaking at street press conference one of the organisers Promise Mkhwananzi who is the President of the Zimbabwe Informal Sector Organisations (ZISO) said that citizens were tired of the misgovernance of President Mugabe and they would resist the bond notes.

The youths also castigated the ruling party for wasting money on a march to support their 93 year old leader at a time the country is facing economic hardships. The one million men march is reported in some sections of the media as having gobbled up $600 000.

The event which was held near Harare’s main post office were unemployed youths are often milling around did not attract many passersby.  Some youths could be seen distancing themselves away from the event whispering that it could get them in trouble.

Some of the youths that attended the press conference belong to the youth leagues of opposition parties such as the MDC-T, PDP, NCA and other parties. Other youth groups such as YARD were represented at the event.


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