Youths demand more opportunities

By Takunda Mandura

Youths in the Southern Africa region have been in arms with the various governments as they feel that they are being denied opportunities to participate in governance.

Speaking at a press conference held at Media Centre in Harare  at  press conference organised by Youth Forum , former Swaziland National Association of Students Associations (SNASU), Maxwell Dhlamini has urged youths to stand up for their future as they are the future leaders .

“We want to see at least 30-60 representation of youth that is what we are saying to MDC T, ZANU-PF and all these political parties .They cannot just call us when we need to go the streets or sing songs for them, we want to participate in the matters of the country” said Dhlamini.

He castigated how youths are used by political parties only to facilitate the needs of those in power whilst they do not receive anything for their efforts.

“When it is time to share the cake young people are told to go to school, you must go and find work, how can you go to school without free education, how can you find work when there is unemployment.”

Dhlamini criticised the Swazi monarchy which is led by King Mswati III and also poked fun at Zimbabweans for having their own monarchy which they renew every five years in apparent reference to president Mugabe’s attempts to foist his wife in politics.

“We do not want to throw them away in the sea, we want them to participate in the development of the country , at the same time they must let us exercise our rights , if the king is to come in politics , he must come as equal partner just like each and every one of us .”

He went on to urge the youths to bring a positive change in the society which is now suffocating due to corruption

“The youth must go and infiltrate  each and every sector in the society to be leaders, we must equally concerned in what is happening. Let us go and develop a new person for a new society for a new vision for take Africa and Southern Africa forward because in the past has not been happening,”


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