Wife killed hubby over a misunderstanding

By Effort Manono

CHIPINGE – It is reported that a villager by the name Mai Praise killed husband Hliziyo in Chipinge Rimbi area under Chief Musikavanhu. This tragic event took place on the 12th of September 2018.The two used to have quarrels and it is said Hliziyo once sent Mai Praise for counselling after he found her enjoying the forbidden fruit with a Gonyeti driver.  Because of love it is reported that Hliziyo decided to reconcile with wife just a month before his death.

The reports from the mourners gathered at the funeral pointed that one evening Hliziyo came home drunk and Mai Praise took advantage and started assaulting him. Mai Praise confessed in front of the relatives how she murdered her husband.  She said ”she pulled the man’s manhood’’. Some people present testified it saying after the scene she was boastful saying she has dealt with his abusive husband not knowing it the end of his life.

The deceased was buried at his home area in Rimbi last Friday and the wide was handed to the police for questioning today the 17th.

Let’s find other ways of dealing with our differences than taking one’s life. Let’s revert to our traditional ways. When having differences we engaged aunts, uncles, nephews or any other person trustworthy to help us. Death is not the solution.

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