We need less legends and more legacies- Munyeza

By Malvern Mkudu

Heal Zimbabwe Trust Event watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsjo-5c0sZk

Zimbabwe will not move forward unless certain reparations have been done to various victims of injustice since the colonial era.This was said at an event organised by the Heal Zimbabwe Trust in Harare yesterday.
Dr Shingi Munyeza said everyone should share the blame for the state the country finds itself in.

” Zimbabwe has more of legends than it has legacies” he said.

Munyeza also implored government to redress economic injustices that occurred under its watch such as the erosion of savings and pensions when country switched from the Zimbabwe to the US dollar.

Dispossessed farmer Ben Freeth lamented how farmers and workers had lost their homes, crops and equipment without compensation.

He said that white farmers had to contend with a racial law that barred them from bringing cases of compensation to the courts in Zimbabwe.

He added that the rule of law had to be restored in Zimbabwe for the country to move forward and attract investors.

An official from the organ of national healing identified as Mrs Tinarwo said government was doing its best to ensure that there is peace in the country.

Zimbabwe has suffered violence since the colonial era to the Gukurahundi period. Most recently there has been political violence notably the 2008 political violence during elections.

Nothing has been done to bring closure and compensate those affected by these disturbances.

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