Water woes threaten tree planting initiative in Epworth

By Sineke Sibanda

A SCHOOL in Epworth has vowed to take necessary measures to ensure the safe growth of the 50 trees planted during the Pan-African Cycling Campaign held last Monday by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches and its partners to promote activities that protect the climate.

Speaking in an interview with our reporters, a Chizungu Primary School teacher and secretary of the Environmental Club at the school, Rejoice Nyabvure said water problems affect the entire area but the school has relatively enough sources that could ensure that the trees would be watered and well nurtured.

“Water is a challenge on this side of town but we will do anything to fight for a better environment even if it means that the pupils bring water from their homes. We are also close to Methodist Church where we sometimes get water if we don’t have,” she said.

However, another pupil at the school said the borehole used is not deep enough and sometimes they do not get water.

Nyabvure confirmed the statements by the pupil stating that they normally face such challenges during the dry summer season.

“We face such problems but we are happy that the trees were named after the children and those pupils already share an attachment with them and will probably do everything to make sure that the trees have water and grow well.”

Chizungu has been awarded for being the best environmentally friendly school in its district and has also been instrumental in teaching students to be environmentally conscious.

According to Clotilda Mlanda, a teacher and chairperson of the school’s Environmental club added that the school has also included environmental issues in their curriculum for students in grade three upwards in a bid to cultivate a culture of loving and respecting the environment.

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