Two Zimbabweans honored for top US Award

Two Zimbabweans have been awarded the October Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe (GHZ)award in recognition of their outstanding work in defending socio and economic rights.

The first recipient, Danmore Chuma 34 who is the National Coordinator of Youth of Zimbabwe for Transparency and Progress (YZTP) endured almost a month in detention at a Harare Prison. Chuma was arrested by the police whilst leading a peaceful march that had scores of youths demanding jobs in the Central Business District (CBD). According to Chuma, he was severely assaulted and denied medical attention.

“I was arrested whilst leading a demonstration in the CBD together with scores of jobless youths. We were detained at Harare remand prison were we were denied medical attention and we were severely assaulted, “he said.

Chuma added that the detention strengthened him and will keep on fighting for social justice.

“I will not back down and will keep on standing up for human rights,” added  Chuma.

The other GH is Dolorosa Mubvumbi(51) who is the founder of the Vabudya Environmental Conservation Trust(VECT).

Dolorosa has been instrumental in standing up against rampant looting of granite rock from her native Mutoko village and has been advocating for the preservation of the environment.

“I have been heavily involved in advocating for benefiting of my people from the granite mineral as well as preserving the environment following damage caused by irresponsible mining.

We also started a gardening project that supports over 200 families and they do organic farming,’she said. She added that she was thrilled to be recognized and said that she will keep on carrying up the work.

“Im really excited and grateful for being honored and will keep on working for my community,” she concluded.

GH Zimbabwe is part of GH International USA and was set up in 2013 with the sole purpose of recognizing individuals who excel in defending the rights of fellow citizens.

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