Tajamuka/Sesjikile condemns 1 August killings


Promise Mkwananzi (Tajamuka/Sesjikile)

 By ZimSentinel

HARARE- TAJAMUKA/SESJIKILE, a youth movement, has condemned the use of violence by the military on 1 August this year saying the military was mercilessly killing civilians and refused to accept the outcome of the presidential election court appeal by MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa,if the outcome would uphold President Mnangagwa’s election victory.

Speaking to journalists in Harare at a joint press conference with Concerned Citizens Agenda, political activist Promise Mkwananzi said as an organisation they were concerned by the use of violence and live ammunition to disperse protesting civilians.

“Wanton arrests, intimidation, midnight raids and abductions are once again the order of the day,” he said.

Mkwanazi also called on the removal of the army from the streets and respect of constitutionalism.

“The outgoing president Emmerson Mnangagwa must issue an apology to the affected families and the nation at large. We call upon the outgoing President Mnangagwa to ensure the upholding of the rule of law, the halting of the Presidential inauguration until Nelson Chamisa’s electoral disputes are handled and we call on the military to retreat to the barracks,” said Mkwananzi.

Buttressing the same matter, Tineyi Munetsi of Concerned Citizens Agenda said citizens were imploring the military to desist from the use of unnecessary force.

“We condemn the wanton killing of civilians by the military junta. We urge them to stop these killings forthwith,” said Munetsi.

Munetsi also added that the recent persecution of MDC Alliance Principal Tendai Biti was a display of intolerance against opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

“We condemn the animalistic persecution of high profile opposition leaders like Tendai Biti. The mistreatment of Tendai Biti by the military shows an unwitty level of intolerance against opposition politics and views,” he said.

Mkwananzi and Munetsi highlighted that the electoral playing field was not level hence they were going to fight for democracy in Zimbabwe to unseat an “illegitimate regime”.

“The refusal to address the concerns of the opposition has inevitably led to a disputed outcome thus denting whatever claim ED attempted at legitimacy, we remain on the same course of fighting for a just and democratic Zimbabwe.”

“We call on citizens to remain firm and vigilant in the face unprovoked intimidation and state violence.”

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