#Tajamuka pressure group a new headache to ailing Mugabe Government.

By Sydicks Muradzikwa

The Mugabe led government has been put into serious panic by the Tajamuka pressure group aimed pressuring the regime to be responsive to the democratic demands of Zimbabwean citizens.

Ever since the October 2014 disappearance Itai Dzamara who outspokenly demanded that president Robert Mugabe leave ofice, the Zanu-Pf led government had started  thinking they had dealt a final nail to the activism coffin.

To their  dismay, the events that took place in Harare  a few weeks ago courtesy of the spontaneous hits by the Tajamuka pressure group stunned the regime and the masses in the city.

The Tajamuka group has been going around town targetting people in ques for money and vendors spreading their political message. Other groups have been protesting in Africa Unity Square and some of the activists were arrested on trumped up charges of robbery . The state then imposed a huge bail figure for their release.

However, these governmental repressive efforts to subdue political critics and activism seemed a bluff as Tajamuka is continuing with their protests.

On the 16th of June Promise Mkwananzi the interim spokesperson of ‘Vajamuki’ the term which means the discontented ones, gave a press statement which was followed by the group Launch statement at the Zimex Mall Car Park.

During his address Mkhwananzi said these powerful words before the crowd that had gathered to hear his address

“Today marks forty years since the brutal murder of Hector Peterson and others. They were killed while pursuing freedom and justice. Their iconic images have continued to inspire the rest of Africa’s young people, particularly here in Zimbabwe where freedom and justice have continued to be evasive … … .In commemoration of this great day, and in honor of all the young people who have laid down their lives in pursuit of a better and greater Zimbabwe, we, as young people have resolved to put down our differences and work together to restore sanity in the country.”

This showed how bitter and vigilant these young people are, and their determination to pile pressure on the current government.

The statement contained drafted terms of which are said to be the non-negotiable demands, key amongst others were the following:

  1. That the president steps down with immediate effect and pave way for the progress of the country
  2. The government abandons, for all intents and purposes in the introduction of the bond notes in any way.
  3. That the government publicly accounts for the 15 billion dollars and effectively deals with the chronic levels of corruption and laziness in the government ministries, departments and parastatals

The youthful activists vowed to be the voice of the voiceless and not to rest in the midst of this state regression model regardless of the government sponsored repressive efforts, they will continue with daily sporadic and spontaneous rebellious activity.

The revolutionary campaign has since been exported to the country’s ten provinces with the country’s second largest city’s resident protestants occupying the public halls and open places singing the same hymn centered on the following rebellious themes #Hatichade #Tanzwa #Taneta #Tajamuka #Sesijikile demanding the resignation of the president who they accuse misgoverning the country for the past 36 years.

The resuscitation of political activism as from January this year marks the powerful dimension and the beginning of a new front against the old regime.


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